Too much knowledge, too much confusion!

Don’t listen or don’t take advice from too many people! Just set up a goal, follow your guts and keep working. Everything will fall into place with time. The more advices you’ll take, the more books you’ll read, the more confused you will become. So just follow your dreams and work hard to make them reality.

Quote from my last interview.


Started painting again!

Was going through old stuff and realized how crazy I used to be for paintings & drawings. I’ve decided to spend my spare time in drawing instead of spending extra time on social media. Here’s the one I created yesterday.

“The Tree”

The Tree by Nishit Jariwala


Life is like Holi!

Life is like Holi. Whether you like to participate in ‘rat race’ or not, you are dragged into it. You are drenched into the mud and they all enjoy it.
Only way to escape from the mudslinging is to get rid of such people. :)

2015 was a Roller Coaster!

This year was seriously a roller coaster ride for me. At the beginning, launched Lysung Ventures, purchased new office and hired good team at Lysung. Everything was going pretty well. It all seemed so perfect. I was so happy with the team I had got. We launched our ambitious project National Startup Conclave in August. The event was a huge success. We were able to get delegates from across the country to Surat to attend NSC. But then came a shocker. The team I had built, left the company. I guess the growing startup fuss in India was the reason. No matter how hard you try to make them feel like a family, they’ll do whatever they gotta do. They built their entire team from the team I had at Lysung. Anyway, that was the time I was broke. Hadn’t expected this from them. But well, what can we do. Read More »


One item off the bucket list!

Sometimes, you want to do some stuff so badly but don’t put it on your bucket list thinking that it is impossible to achieve. I have always been a great fan of Arnab Goswami. And like majority of Indians, it was a dream to share screen with the journalist. My open letter to Hardik Patel on Patidar Anamat Andolan went viral, reached to Arnab Goswami and boom! He invited me as one of the panellists of his popular debate show Newshour on Times Now.

Co-panellists on the debate were way too experienced and elder than me. So I couldn’t interrupt them during the debate. Hence I could raise only one point during the debate. But I am glad that Arnab Goswami closed the debate on the one point that I mentioned in the debate. It is certainly an achievement for me. Here is a glimpse from the Newshour debate I participated in.


The Dream Team

So now I can confidently say that I’ve got my dream team. A bunch of people with absolutely no hassle or ego problem, work together on a single aim is what I used to wish in my initial days. And that’s what we are doing these days.

Hemal, a friend cum mentor cum energy booster who works from Australia; Anand, an enthusiast business guy; Venu, a yes-sir designer; Bhavin, a late comer -cum- lazy writer and Komal, one who never says no are the pillars of Lysung. And even all the interns we have at Lysung and BuddyBits are crazy talented fellows! I’m absolutely delighted to have such amazing crazy people in my team.

Hoping to do wonders together in coming time.


And we took a monsoon break!

Rain didn’t stop for hours and so, we decided to take a break. We, team Lysung Ventures drove to Dumas. Hung out on the beach for a while and then had Tomato-bhajiyas at Lashkari. We even tried taking selfies at the Bhutiya Haveli by breaking the security. But eventually, we had to run out of the place or watchmen would have caught us. LOL 😛 It was one of the best days.

A view from our office

A view from our office


Busy Days!

The last I posted on my blog was on 3rd January; which is almost five months back. I couldn’t take out time to write blogs since last few months. I have been busy dealing with clients, getting new ones, team interviews, events in BuddyBits and lot of other things. Anyway, firstly I have some good news to share. Read More »

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