Busy Days!

The last I posted on my blog was on 3rd January; which is almost five months back. I couldn’t take out time to write blogs since last few months. I have been busy dealing with clients, getting new ones, team interviews, events in BuddyBits and lot of other things. Anyway, firstly I have some good news to share.

  • Remember my last blog post? I took resolution to purchase a new office by the end of 2015. But well, I’ve already bought it. Yes. I started working in a brand new studio apartment from 1st May. We call it Lysung Labs. Also known as BuddyBits Headquarters.
  • Secondly, I was struggling with team hiring since last ten months. But that has come to the end too! Almost. Finally, I have a small team of talented people.

So, my work life is happening now. Even my social media presence has been reduced. The advantage I’ve got out of this is the change in my routine. I’m not a night owl anymore. And I don’t wake up at 10 now. Working 10 hours a day has definitely changed my lifestyle. And I am happy about it. Anyway, we are coming up with few amazing things. You’ll witness few new ventures, events and services coming out from Lysung by the end of this year. Hoping for the best.

And yes, I’ve decided to dedicate some time to my blog. I will try to write at least one post per week here. So that I can stay connected with friends through this blog. Let see how it goes. For now, goodbye. Keep in touch. 🙂

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Blogger, entrepreneur, designer, photographer and a dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit - a hybrid engineering student who thinks he is too creative to stick to a 9 to 4 college routine. He is extremely passionate about startups. Entrepreneurship is not a career decision for him, it is a lifestyle choice he made when he was only 18.

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