Don’t loose diamond while collecting stones!

Never ignore someone who cares for you because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

I am starting my new blog with this quote as thoughts in this blog revolve around the quote. Yesterday evening I got a message from my old friend. She pinged me because she read our past conversation in her phone. She reminded me how we used to exchange our philosophy about life. And when I didn’t believe her she sent me the snapshot. I went back in the past immediately and recalled all our memories. I used to be so happy and positive about everything in life back then. I guess I hadn’t tasted the real taste of life then. It happened two years back. Last two years have completely changed me. Loosing friends, shifting back to Surat, all new business & it’s consequences; so many things have been happening since last two years that I have lost my that side in the process. Now I neither can be positive nor happy about everything. I have started understanding life since last two years. I think I went off the track. Let’s come back to the quote. So after my conversation with her, I thought a lot at night. What changed me? Why am I not letting anyone close? Why all of the negativity? And I got all my answers while wondering last night.

I feel I have always dissatisfied with relations. I think I am investing my 100% in a relationship but not getting even half in return. I have always made my close friends priority, but have always felt lonely when I needed them the most. While talking to my old friend yesterday, I realized I was always collecting stones. And I kept missing diamonds. I felt I made friends with wrong people. I felt I was friend with those who don’t even understand meaning of friendship. And then I thought about all the diamonds I lost in the process. There are many of them. There are few I thought I would never be good friend with are still with me. And few I wanted for life are not part of my life anymore! So yesterday I learnt my lesson.

I again want to be a that guy who used to smile even when getting punished in college. I again want to be that guy who would do anything to make someone smile. I again want to be that guy who used to share deep meaningful conversation with friends. That guy was the best!

I hope that guy will return soon. He will return, as I have promised my friend that he would return soon. At the end, I would love to suggest you not to loose diamonds while collecting stones. 🙂

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