New year, new hopes!

It has been four months since I stopped operations at Lysung Technology. Was working on BuddyBits since then. But now I feel I can do many more things along with BuddyBits. And I have learnt that I can’t do same things again and again. I want to do so many things at a time. I want to experiment all my ideas. So I have planned many things for 2015! 2015 will bring lot of new ventures, campaigns, trips under BuddyBits and a new brand (new version of an old one actually) if everything goes according to the plan.

So as of now, I have two things to share. Along with BuddyBits, I am re-launching something old in the beginning of 2015. And I am joining a small youth media house (Surat) as a chief editor for a while.

Published byNishit Jariwala

Blogger, entrepreneur, designer, photographer and a dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit - a hybrid engineering student who thinks he is too creative to stick to a 9 to 4 college routine. He is extremely passionate about startups. Entrepreneurship is not a career decision for him, it is a lifestyle choice he made when he was only 18.

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