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Online vs Ofline is a talk of the town (e-town actually) lately. People on social media are often found phrasing a life without social media. I too am fond of a life without smartphone, tablet and laptop (all gadgets). Just for the sake of an experiment, I quitted Facebook few days back, I guess for 5 days. For those five days, I realised how life actually is without social media. Initial two days were so damn boring. I had nothing to look for for first two days. No e-war, no latest gossip, no spicy scoops, no life stories; in short no excitement. But on the third day I realised Facebook is just an addiction. I was no longer addicted to it. I no longer wanted to sign in and see what’s going on. For rest three days; I read complete newspaper. I started reading a novel. I saw my cam (which I bought but rarely used) was sitting on the corner of my room. I took it and went to the terrace. I captured photos all three days. Since Facebook and Whatsapp has took over our lives; we rarely watch TV. I watched Discovery channel after years in these three days. Also cooked after so long. In short, when you are away from the social media, things in real life get interesting. I loved three days away from Facebook.

On the sixth day I again logged into Facebook to see what people are doing?! And as I was expecting; everything was same on Facebook. People sharing quotes on life, girl friend and boy friend making love over the internet, people fighting in comments, everything. Facebook has really take over our lives. And as my father says, “Mujhe Brahmgyaan Hua!” (translates: I realised it!) That life without Facebook might be boring but it is surely better than life on social media. Since then, I have decreased use of social media. I am no more addicted to Facebook. I can survive without wifi. And on the top of all; I have started doing photography, cooking and reading. Writing too; as you can see here.

So from this lesson; I have decided to spend less time on social media and more time in real world. It might be difficult; but it is for good. Now I will write blogs more often. So keep reading my blog. And don’t forget to share your views below in comments.


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Blogger, entrepreneur, designer, photographer and a dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit - a hybrid engineering student who thinks he is too creative to stick to a 9 to 4 college routine. He is extremely passionate about startups. Entrepreneurship is not a career decision for him, it is a lifestyle choice he made when he was only 18.

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  • Kaushal

    October 24, 2014 at 6:25 am Reply

    You’re right. Social media makes a person introvert, attention seeking narcissist.
    Welcome back!

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