Don’t loose diamond while collecting stones!

Never ignore someone who cares for you because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

I am starting my new blog with this quote as thoughts in this blog revolve around the quote. Yesterday evening I got a message from my old friend. She pinged me because she read our past conversation in her phone. She reminded me how we used to exchange our philosophy about life. And when I didn’t believe her she sent me the snapshot. I went back in the past immediately and recalled all our memories. I used to be so happy and positive about everything in life back then. I guess I hadn’t tasted the real taste of life then. It happened two years back. Last two years have completely changed me. Loosing friends, shifting back to Surat, all new business & it’s consequences; so many things have been happening since last two years that I have lost my that side in the process. Now I neither can be positive nor happy about everything. I have started understanding life since last two years. I think I went off the track. Let’s come back to the quote. So after my conversation with her, I thought a lot at night. What changed me? Why am I not letting anyone close? Why all of the negativity? And I got all my answers while wondering last night.

I feel I have always dissatisfied with relations. I think I am investing my 100% in a relationship but not getting even half in return. I have always made my close friends priority, but have always felt lonely when I needed them the most. While talking to my old friend yesterday, I realized I was always collecting stones. And I kept missing diamonds. I felt I made friends with wrong people. I felt I was friend with those who don’t even understand meaning of friendship. And then I thought about all the diamonds I lost in the process. There are many of them. There are few I thought I would never be good friend with are still with me. And few I wanted for life are not part of my life anymore! So yesterday I learnt my lesson.

I again want to be a that guy who used to smile even when getting punished in college. I again want to be that guy who would do anything to make someone smile. I again want to be that guy who used to share deep meaningful conversation with friends. That guy was the best!

I hope that guy will return soon. He will return, as I have promised my friend that he would return soon. At the end, I would love to suggest you not to loose diamonds while collecting stones. 🙂

New year, new hopes!

It has been four months since I stopped operations at Lysung Technology. Was working on BuddyBits since then. But now I feel I can do many more things along with BuddyBits. And I have learnt that I can’t do same things again and again. I want to do so many things at a time. I want to experiment all my ideas. So I have planned many things for 2015! 2015 will bring lot of new ventures, campaigns, trips under BuddyBits and a new brand (new version of an old one actually) if everything goes according to the plan.

So as of now, I have two things to share. Along with BuddyBits, I am re-launching something old in the beginning of 2015. And I am joining a small youth media house (Surat) as a chief editor for a while.

Sketches by Nature!

Who don’t like a long drive in an evening of Winter? I got a chance today to experience shades of evening. I regret not carrying DSLR, but thanks to my phone cam, I managed to capture three beautiful clicks. Check sketches by nature. 🙂

Sketch by Nature

Sketch by Nature (20/11/14)

Sketch by Nature (20/11/14)

Goa was fun!

Just came back from a week long Goa trip with family. Goa is surely a very good place for hangout; but not for me. Beaches, churches, cruise rides, Aguada fort and temples. This is what you see in Goa. The main attraction of Goa is it’s beaches. Calangute, Baga, Dona Paula, Anjuna, Mira Mar and Bagmalo beaches are some of them you can visit here. Cruise ride in the evening in Panaji, Aguada fort and jail, Basilica of Bom Jesus (church in old Goa) are things I liked here. I wasn’t quite impressed with Goa because of three reasons. First, I am not a beach guy. I don’t like beaches much; I like hill stations and forests. Second, I neither consume alcohol nor I am a party animal. And third, Goa is quite similar to Daman except the cleaner water and cruises. And Daman is the place we often (very often) visit. It’s around 120 KM from Surat.

This was the second time we went to Goa. Last time it was when I was around 12 or 13. Goa is an amazing place for sure; but not a place I would visit often. Thanks Yesha for this pic.

Goa was fun Nishit Jariwala Blog

Stay tuned. Something big is coming very soon. 🙂


Fame or Money?

What do you want? Fame or Money?

Life! I want life!

People ask me this question a lot! I was thinking on this since very long. I finally got my answer today. I actually neither want fame nor money. But you gotta select one. So I thought about what I really want. Answer was still neither of two. Then I looked at it objectively.

What I really want?

I want to travel around the world. I want a decent bungalow, a car and a farm house. In short, I want to live a beautiful adventurous life. Does fame gonna get me all these? No. Only money can get me all these. So from fame and money, it’s money for me. I don’t want to be a millionaire. I don’t want to built the best company of the world either. I just want to fulfill my dreams. I just want to live my life. And only money will help me fulfilling my dreams. So from fame and money, it’s money for me.

Fame can’t really buy happiness; but to some extent, money can!

Painting by Nature

Today morning I got up early. I usually wake up around 10 today it was 6. I decided to capture sunrise. Googled for the time of sunrise; 6:38 it was. Took my cam and went to the terrace. I was waiting for the sun to rise. When I went on the terrace it was all dark; birds had started chirping. I thought I’ll be able to capture sun by 6:38. I waited till 7:30. It was all morning but I couldn’t see the sun. What I experienced in this one and a half hour is the changing colors of the sky. The nature was making different paintings in the sky. I captured many such paintings made by nature. Have a look at the one.

Sunrise - 27 October 2014
Sunrise – 27 October 2014

There were so many clouds; which was covering the sun. I finally saw the sun around 8. But I was so satisfied with the pics I captured and was also tired waiting for the sun; that I didn’t really capture any photos after the sun risen. The experience was amazing! Morning has it’s different magical charm. I wish I can see sun rising and can hear birds chirping every morning. But I am a night-owl. Well anyways; today while waiting for the sun I found out my taste in photography. I like conceptual and minimalistic photography. I captured set of two photos today which is the best photo I’ve captured till date. But I am not going to upload it anywhere. I’ve decided to hang those in my home. So will save those till the time I get to decorate my own home.

Thanks for reading. Keep reading my blog.

Festival of lights, festival of new beginnings!

We Gujaratis (probably Indians) have many new years. We greet people with “Happy New Year” at least twice a year, first on Diwali and second on 1st January. Diwali has always been my favourite festival. Colorful lights everywhere, kids playing around, fireworks, meeting friends and relatives, sweets (I am not a fan though), bi-annual trip and lastly a mini vacation make Diwali an awesome festival. This Diwali is surely special for me. Study is over and since then I have been experimenting with various things related to business. And I think finally I have found a direction. This new year will bring new beginning in my life.

Hope this festival of lights bring light in our lives. Would like to wish all of my friends a very happy Diwali.

Shubh, a kid in our neighbour got clicked in my cam while he was enjoying with fireworks. Have a look.

Happy Diwali Nishit Jariwala

Happy Diwali. Keep reading my blog.

Online vs Ofline

Online vs Ofline is a talk of the town (e-town actually) lately. People on social media are often found phrasing a life without social media. I too am fond of a life without smartphone, tablet and laptop (all gadgets). Just for the sake of an experiment, I quitted Facebook few days back, I guess for 5 days. For those five days, I realised how life actually is without social media. Initial two days were so damn boring. I had nothing to look for for first two days. No e-war, no latest gossip, no spicy scoops, no life stories; in short no excitement. But on the third day I realised Facebook is just an addiction. I was no longer addicted to it. I no longer wanted to sign in and see what’s going on. For rest three days; I read complete newspaper. I started reading a novel. I saw my cam (which I bought but rarely used) was sitting on the corner of my room. I took it and went to the terrace. I captured photos all three days. Since Facebook and Whatsapp has took over our lives; we rarely watch TV. I watched Discovery channel after years in these three days. Also cooked after so long. In short, when you are away from the social media, things in real life get interesting. I loved three days away from Facebook.

On the sixth day I again logged into Facebook to see what people are doing?! And as I was expecting; everything was same on Facebook. People sharing quotes on life, girl friend and boy friend making love over the internet, people fighting in comments, everything. Facebook has really take over our lives. And as my father says, “Mujhe Brahmgyaan Hua!” (translates: I realised it!) That life without Facebook might be boring but it is surely better than life on social media. Since then, I have decreased use of social media. I am no more addicted to Facebook. I can survive without wifi. And on the top of all; I have started doing photography, cooking and reading. Writing too; as you can see here.

So from this lesson; I have decided to spend less time on social media and more time in real world. It might be difficult; but it is for good. Now I will write blogs more often. So keep reading my blog. And don’t forget to share your views below in comments.


Opting out from Global Shapers!

It has been 5 months since I was a part of World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community. I was selected as a Global Shaper for Surat’s hub on 25th May’14. Today I have decided to opt out from Global Shapers Community. I am well aware of the fact that I will be giving up the title of a “Global Shaper” and a lot of experience. I feel I am a round pig in a square hole for Global Shapers community. The reason why I joined Global Shapers Community at the first place was that I wanted to do something for my city Surat. And the reason why I am leaving the community is the time issue and few other reasons. I won’t be able to give justice to the role of a global shaper. So I have decided to opt out from the program voluntarily.

Willingness to do something for Surat is still the same and will increase for that matter. And I believe, you don’t really need a title to work for your city! I have planned many things for Surat. And I will make it all happen in near future.

“Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai!”

With this quote, I would end this post. Do share your views and keep in touch. 😉