Just Do It!

Once you want to do something and don’t know how is it done, you will find the way and will do it anyhow.

But when you’re taught that it isn’t possible for you to do, you won’t even try.

This is the reason why most successful entrepreneurs are dropouts or failures or undergraduates.

Once you decide to do something, don’t take too many advices. People aren’t gonna encourage you. Screw non believers and just do it. 😉

Taarif pe Taarif! Taarif pe Taarif! :D

Hahaha! Today we welcomed three new members to team BuddyBits (Shaily Shah from Vadodara, Varun Trivedi and Urvi Sheth from Surat). We were having an introductory chat few time back. It was great fun! After team introduced themselves; I started introducing them. And in return they all introduced me. Or I would rather say they phrased me. 😛 Today’s meet made my day. Have a look. Sharing some snapshots.

I am very lucky to have such fantastic and lovely people in my team. 🙂

First post from the desk of the CEO!

So, finally here I am writing very first post from the desk of the CEO! Yes I have been waiting for this moment since I was 17 (at the time of the inception of my first company); but hence I was asked to complete my engineering first, the moment got delayed. I have rented first work space of Lysung Technology at Adajan (Surat) and am starting work from today. I will be interviewing candidates for my dream team for couple of days. Looking forward for the amazing experience and a great team formation ahead! Have a glance at my first office space.

The CEO's Desk
The CEO’s Desk
Space for the team
Space for the team
Lysung Technology at a first Glance
Lysung Technology at a first Glance

Thanks for reading. You’re welcome to drop by at Lysung Technology anytime. 🙂

[Address: 205, Sai Square, Honey Park Road, Adajan, Surat 395009]

That moment!

The moment when you see logo of your brand right behind Raghu Ram. 😀

Raghu at Global Village

PS. BuddyBits was official online partner at AIESEC Mumbai’s event Discover Mumbai Weekender where Producer of MTV Roadies, Raghu Ram was one of the speakers.

Meet new Global Shaper! :D

Yes, I am selected as a Global Shaper at Surat Global Shapers Hub. I was actually selected as a shaper on 25th May, 2014, right on the day of my interview with fellow shapers in Surat. But I delayed the announcement due to exams and moving (from Ahmedabad to Surat) stuff.

So yes, I am a global shaper now. As shapers, we will be making Surat city a better place to live. We will work on several projects together which will help Surat city and Surtis in one way or the other. We will work for the betterment of the city and people of the city.

I always wanted to give back to my city. And got the chance at right time. With this community and title, I will be able to fulfill my dream to do something for Surat more efficiently and effectively.

So again, thanks a lot everyone who is continuously supporting me. 🙂

Happiness is Working Space!

Working on my own table at late night with a cup of coffee was one of my dreams since long time. And you can see my dream coming true in the below picture. Since I was 17, I always wanted to do this. But then stuck into studies for four years. And now as I am a free bird now, you can see my dream coming true.

Working Space BuddyBits
Photo was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on 5th June, 2014

Things on my Desk

  • Diaries
  • Notepad
  • Folder
  • Coffee mug
  • Few awards I’ve won (to keep myself motivated)
  • Pen Holder (A mug gifted by Megha)
  • Laptop
  • My drawing from 10th standard with sticky notes
  • And a white board

We, team BuddyBits rocks! :D

Just finished e-meet with team BuddyBits. I’m really stunned to see inputs from my team. Ideas they’ve shared are simply awesome.

We’re coming up with first issue of our new E-magazine from July’14 with all new exciting columns and more. We’re launching on ground events, unique contests from next month. Stay Couriers

If you want to get published or want to start your own column in the magazine, get in touch with me. Theme of first issue will be announced soon.

I’m really glad to have you guys in team. Neha, Binit, Bhavik, Asha, Kanisha and Hemal ma’am (as my team call her) and Darshita. We rock guys. 😀

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Bye Bye Ahmedabad

So the day is finally here. I didn’t know that leaving this city will be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. I didn’t really want to come to Ahmedabad at the first place. Coming to this city was a ‘luck by chance’. But the love this city has given me in last four years is amazing and unforgettable. I’ve learned a lot here. Ahmedabad has made me what I am today. 

Not going to college everyday, not bunking lectures, not going to trips with classmates, no more parties and no more cakes, no more proxies and no more babaals, no more animal noises from last benches, no more vivas, no more exams and no more assignments. I’m gonna miss everything.

I got many good friends and few lifetime relations here. I’m gonna miss seeing those faces in college everyday. These four years of Engineering was like a vacation to me. I never took study seriously. I learned everything except Engineering in last four years, and I think that’s what everyone does.

Attending eChai events, GBG events, iWillStudy events on weekends were part of my schedule here. These events and people who accompanied me in these events will be missed.

Ahmedabad is not just another city I’ve lived in, Ahmedabad is my second home town. I’m gonna miss Amdavad a lot. And I’m gonna miss everyone who has made my living in Ahmedabad a big deal.

Goodbyes are always sad. But as they say every hello ends with a goodbye. So here it is.

Bye Bye Amdavad. I am gonna miss this city a lot. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂