Painting by Nature

Today morning I got up early. I usually wake up around 10 today it was 6. I decided to capture sunrise. Googled for the time of sunrise; 6:38 it was. Took my cam and went to the terrace. I was waiting for the sun to rise. When I went on the terrace it was all dark; birds had started chirping. I thought I’ll be able to capture sun by 6:38. I waited till 7:30. It was all morning but I couldn’t see the sun. What I experienced in this one and a half hour is the changing colors of the sky. The nature was making different paintings in the sky. I captured many such paintings made by nature. Have a look at the one.

Sunrise - 27 October 2014
Sunrise – 27 October 2014

There were so many clouds; which was covering the sun. I finally saw the sun around 8. But I was so satisfied with the pics I captured and was also tired waiting for the sun; that I didn’t really capture any photos after the sun risen. The experience was amazing! Morning has it’s different magical charm. I wish I can see sun rising and can hear birds chirping every morning. But I am a night-owl. Well anyways; today while waiting for the sun I found out my taste in photography. I like conceptual and minimalistic photography. I captured set of two photos today which is the best photo I’ve captured till date. But I am not going to upload it anywhere. I’ve decided to hang those in my home. So will save those till the time I get to decorate my own home.

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