Reasons Why I won’t Watch Bigg Boss 8 Now!

[Note: Strictly for Bigg Boss viewers.]

As you might have read my article on BuddyBits- 10 Reasons Why Bigg Boss 8 is a Scripted Reality Show, I strongly believe that the show and Salman Khan are totally biased this season. I am following the show since last few seasons. I keep waiting for the show like all crazy fans entire year. But this season of the show has changed my views and has made me hate the show! Eight season of the show is totally biased towards Gautam Gulati (most irritating contestant in the history of Bigg Boss, immature, dumb, footage artist, arrogant, abusive and what not). The show is openly favouring him and his friends (Puneet, Pritam, Praneet) on the show. And the calm ones are always targeted by biased host Salman Khan & the show makers. All calm and positive contestants are out of the show. Minissha, Renee, Sushant, Sukirti, Nigaar and more.

Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel is being bashed on the show every weekend by host Salman Khan unnecessarily. First I would like to tell you why I support them.

Why I like Karishma & Upen?

Karishma Tanna is a blunt girl. She believes in giving back to those who hurt her. She is possessive about her things and thinks more about herself and her friends. Now to be honest, who doesn’t think about self and friends? Even I am self centred. That isn’t a bad thing. But Salman Khan can’t just let it go. Check season from the first episode. I bet there is not a single episode in which Salman hasn’t bashed Karishma Tanna. Why so much hatred Salman Khan? Where does your ‘being human’ go?

Upen Patel was one of the most calm contestants of the show till 12th week. When Gautam & his group provoked him, Salman took Gautam’s side. That kept on happening for 12 weeks. Upen got bashed by Salman every week along with Karishma. But he kept calm. But that frustration has to come out some day! It came out on 13th week and contestants thought he is being fake. He wasn’t. He took out all his frustration in that one week. Again got bashed by Salman.

I am personally a very calm person. But I do give back when someone try to challenge me. That is the reason why I am supporting Karishma & Upen.

Why I don’t like Gautam & Pritam?

I used to like Pritam when P3G group was broke. He was taking a stand of himself. But the day Praneet got evicted, he switched back to P2G. He is the biggest Thali Ka Baigan ever! He switched sides for his personal gain and then badmouthed Karishma & Upen, those who supported him when he was rejected by Puneet and Gautam. He is a very good player, using everyone to win the show.

And Gautam is the most irritating person I have ever seen! I feel everything he does on the show is for footage. When he is nowhere in the picture, he will provoke a housemate and when he/ she will give him back, he will cry in front of the camera. He has spent half of the time on the show crying in front of the cameras. And Indians are emotional fools! Can’t see his fakeness. Even the show & the host is blindly supporting him. Whatever he does, he gets praised at last! Be it ditching girls on national television, provoking or abusing co-contestants. He is made hero of the show.

Karishma Tanna is the strongest of all because she has never needed someone to be on the show. Gautam is still in the show because of Puneet Issar. Karishma is independent! Karishma’s views and her stand is not changed once since day one. Whereas each contestant except her has changed side one or the other side! People keep telling she is a self-centred! Who isn’t? You too are self-centred! Karishma has never provoked anyone on the show. She has just given answer to those who have tried to provoke, irritate or hurt her.

Why I won’t watch Bigg Boss 8 now?

I personally like Karishma so much. She is a strong, independent girl. But every weekend Salman Khan comes and bashes Karishma Tanna like anything! Today as he didn’t have any topic to bash her and Upen, they showed footage of tap water indecent with Sonali. And bashed Karishma and Upen for half episode on that minor issue! Why so? Because he didn’t want to utter a word on Sonali’s captaincy! Sonali was the worst captain, but she got praised. Remember Weekend Ka Waar after Karishma’s captaincy?

On the whole, Salman bashes Karishma & Upen unnecessary every weekend, which is disheartening and depressive for people like me who like positivity and peace. And mark my words, no matter how bad Gautam will get, he will win eight season of Bigg Boss, because the show is scripted! I won’t be watching Bigg Boss 8 from now onwards as I can’t see my favourite contestants getting crushed unnecessarily in the show!

Salman Khan, do whatever you want to do! I don’t give a damn about your scripted show anymore!

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